Monday, January 19, 2009

On My Way

Here I am at the eerily-quiet airport - taking advantage of it, since the news keeps suggesting that I'll be crushed in a stampede trying to get to see the president take the oath.
I'm not worried - I'm planning to be patient and am going to wear comfortable shoes and seventeen layers of clothing, so Ill be just fine.

I'll be in DC in a couple of hours - there the quiet will end. I'm still trying to keep my idealistic attitude, though. I know I'm seeing history in person and understand it'll be a little bumpy. I'm feeling like a new day is dawning - in so many ways - and I'm optimistic for what the future holds.

Aren't you?


Susan said...

Yes, very. Glad you're going!

Fred said...

Lis, I can't wait to hear all about your experience in DC.

I'll be watching on TV, filled with optimistism!

(oh, and I'm sure hoping you can find Obama flip-flops in a size 10!)

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