Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost cut my hair

Well, actually, I did cut my hair. Not radically or anything, but it had really been since last summer and since I've been all academic and unemployed these past months, I've had no inclination to be pretty or anything, since I'm so smart and unemployed. So the hair was kinda unruly.

I had told myself that I should keep growing it, then donate it to Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I thought about it a lot, really. I could do so much good by just growing hair. Just ten or so inches, which I have to give, would mean something wonderful to a sick child or woman battling cancer.

The truth is that in the end, I'm much too vain. Can I possibly be all about the hair?

I have no trouble making fun of the challenges that supermodels have in life, and I didn't join in the sport of making fun of Hillary's pantsuits. I'm all about substance - that style thing is superficial. Still, I just can't quite bring myself to give up this one physical attribute I have. I don't trust that I can rely on my brain and wit to get me through. If I have homely hair, I can't possibly be successful. Even if it meant that a small sacrifice can do good for others.

Really, it's only hair. Right?

Don't get me started on Jeff's hair.