Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday

We had a day today that we never have... a day off. No commitments, a minor snowstorm, a full refrigerator and wine on hand and no homework!

Got up in the wee hours just so I could go back to bed later. Came across a biography of Allen Ginsberg on LOGO (nope, I'm not gay - that channel just seems to have the most interesting programming in the middle of the night). Anyway - saw film of the 1960-whatever protest at the Democratic convention in Chicago and I had never heard the story of Ginsberg "ohm-ing" everyone into being calm. So I started to wonder why that had never caught on - like in the mall during the Christmas rush, or Filene's during the wedding gown basement sale. Or during wars and stuff. I have to think about this more... I have just the person at work to use this on.

Also - got to snuggle up with a cookbook Fred gave me for Christmas - all about improvisational cooking - hey Fred - she actually recommends bacon mayonnaise! Wow!

At the end of the day - laundry done, Christmas tree undecorated (I know, but we only just put it up a couple of days before Christmas!), well rested, freshly manicured and without guilt for slacking off. I need to do this again next Sunday!

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