Friday, October 3, 2008


I'm here, on the Cape, taking a break from homework.

It's different - all of it. Being here alone, being here when it's not summer anymore. I could be at home - doing just what I'm doing now. It's probably the same temperature (maybe a little cooler), probably breezy, (maybe not as much as the Cape today). I wonder what made me want to drive all this way?

I stopped at the grocery store in Orleans, then the wine store in Brewster on my way home last evening. It's a small town now, with the weather changing and the vacationers gone home. Clerks are chatty - I guess they assume I live here too. It's nice that it's all getting familiar.

It's beautiful here - the breeze, the ocean nearby. It's beautiful at home in the Berkshires, too. The leaves are changing and the sky is really blue in the mornings. It's getting to be snuggle weather - we'll be having a fire in the fireplace soon.

It's pretty special - being able to be homesick for both places.

Now if it weren't for this microeconomics stuff I'm supposed to be learning... Did you know that people use really dumb criteria to make buying decisions (see Rational Choice Models). Probably no beach for me today.

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