Sunday, October 18, 2009

Power to the Slicker People!

So it was a cold and soggy Oysterfest, but what a resilient bunch we were! If the Casuals had the decency to come out and play, the least we could do was dance in the rain. And while I was mostly appropriately dressed, I am not, in fact, a fisherman so I was not one of the folks really appropriately dressed in rain slickers, nor did I fall onto the pavement and wriggle in excitement and joy of Oysterfest and the Casuals.

And Jeff ate his first Oyster (which was shucked by one of the finalists in the Oyster Shucking Contest) and it didn't come back up!

All in all, a successful day.


Susan said...

SO sad we missed it. Couldn't fathom doing it with the kids. We listened to the shucking finals and the Casuals on WOMR. It was almost like being there, but warmer.

Lisa said...

My husband said, more than once, that we could go listen in the car... I'm glad we didn't but I do reserve the right to call those who did "pansies" - ;-)