Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer's Here!

Yay! Opening weekend at the Beachcomer! Got sand in my toes! So inspired (and keeping my commitment to be artistic this summer) that I've written my first poem. It's a Haiku. Here goes:

Beachcomber Opens
All who dance are not locals
Big toe is wounded

Also have a sunburn, found a great oyster shell on the beach, had my first hot dog at Cobies and a yummy sandwich, wine, olives and watched Chandler work the room at Harvest Gallery. I've been hugged, kissed, stepped on, spilled upon, smiled at and took two naps. Fred's home improvement is quite something. Thank goodness it's cold and rainy today so I can rest up for the first Casuals show of the season.

I love it here.


Susan said...

can I link this on the Beachcomber facebook page? I love your haiku!

Lisa said...

Please do! I can handle the fame!