Thursday, April 16, 2009


Jeff left me.

Not like that - he just abandoned me for a few days. He's on lovely Cape Cod playing golf with his friend and having dinner at Mahoney's. He's having the chicken, which is a complete waste of going to Mahoney's, but he's seafood-averse. I'm not at Mahoney's - or Cape Cod. I'm just here - with the cats. They're happy because they can sleep on the bed and have all of my attention. They think Jeff doesn't like them and they are happy when he goes away. Me - not so much.

I'm just not good a looking after myself. I get bored and don't eat enough vegetables and don't stay focused on my homework. I wake up during the night and I'll probably have popcorn for breakfast tomorrow. You would think with no Jeff to distract me all my homework would be done, and the laundry and the yardwork. Nope - none of that. It's like I'm just waiting for him to get back so I can do all that stuff and not pay attention to him. I make no sense whatsoever.

I did get to cook stinky seafood for supper, though. That was nice. But that's about it.

Maybe he'll read this and miss me, too and bring me a present when he comes home. Like a seashell. Or jewelry. Or a cranberry scone from the Cottage Street Bakery. Or a bottle of wine from the Truro Vineyards. Or Fred will get him to go shopping before he comes home and he'll find a nifty piece of art. (O.k. - no way will Fred get Jeff to go shopping, but it was worth a try).

Anyway - I'll try to be good and stay out of trouble for the next couple of days. Wish me luck.


Susan said...

Is he still there? I could be there in 5 minutes and start whispering subliminal messages about shells and jewelry and art. He'd never guess because he doesn't know who I am.

Oh wait, I don't know who he is, either. And asking everyone I don't recognize if his name is Jeff would probably give it away.

Lisa said...

Subliminal is too subtle for him, Susan - that's why I just went public! Thanks for the helpful thoughts, though...

And he would probably recognize you - our paths have crossed and he's a faithful reader of yours (not in a creepy, stalker way - don't worry).