Thursday, April 17, 2008

Being Grownup and Girl Scout Cookies

So, I started a blog then stopped thinking interesting things.

Not really - just got distracted a bit. See, my life is full of a lot of stuff, normally, then when you throw in more stuff, I get entirely out of whack. That's what's happening now.

In the normal life, I work 5 days a week at my job, which I love, then I throw in a commitment I made (for reasons I don't remember today) to pursue a graduate degree. Mostly manageable, as long as I reconcile myself to not ironing exactly everything I wear and having no downtime, except while I'm driving the seven thousand miles a week I drive between work, home and school.

Here's the wrinkle. My husband and I (again, for reasons I can't quite grasp right now) have decided to purchase a second home, a vacation property, an investment, a - what's another term for we're middle aged, bourgeois, privileged - whatever - people -we're -not. It's on Cape Cod, it's in a "resort community" with a gate and all.

So, we have found ourselves in this position - and I'm still fretting about getting my homework done, wondering if I have any clean underwear for work tomorrow and sitting on the couch really enjoying holding the Thin Mints in my mouth long enough for them to get a little soggy, which is when they're most delicious. I also this week negotiated the sale terms of the condo, have two banks competing to offer us the lowest interest rate, hired a lawyer, defended my company at an unemployment hearing, taught a workshop and dazzled my boss by recognizing when he used a mu-bar symbol when discussing customer survey results at a meeting of high-level managers.

I think I'm feeling a bit tugged between the reality of being a grown up and resisting the responsibility.

Having another cookie now. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

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