Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's All In The Framing

So - yes, much too busy to talk to you people in the last weeks/months (how long has it been?)

Just actually got a homework assignment done before class, which doesn't always happen, and it made me think of this blog.

The assignment had to do with reading the entire, yes entire National Broadband Plan and do an analysis of the framing - like how does it explain why this stuff is important. Through my lens it was all about equality and inclusion and civic engagement. To my very geeky friend, it was about spectrum and platforms and applications.

I also heard an interview today with Captain Richard Phillips, who was the captain of the boat that was hijacked last year by the Somali pirates and who bravely gave himself over to the pirates to protect his crew. At the end of the interview he made a point of saying that he believes that all people are much more capable than they believe themselves to be and it's just a few who get put into extraordinary situations to prove it. He said people should believe more in themselves and trust that they can overcome personal or professional challenges.

Also got to school and found a copy of my graduation eligibility form that was signed off by the director of my program making it truly certified that I will be graduating next month. I hadn't quite recognized that for real.

The framing point is about how I'm choosing to label all the ups and downs of my life these days. Busy means accomplishing, stress means opportunity, overwhelmed means striving.

So today is proving to be an inspiring day.